Sunday, December 4, 2011

Akhirnya aku dpat jugak IDEA !

I 'm thanked to Allah to give ME the best ever sister.
 Name given ----> Nurul Nisa Nadhirah
She is fifteen on this 7th of March. Yeah, she's one of the PMR candidates. Good Luck, sis!
And truthly, I'm proud of her very much. 
People who not know her very well will  make the impressions which sometimes makes me curios.
Ohh please don't. She's kind. No wonder my mom loves her very much.
She 's one of SBP students. SM Sains Tapah, Perak.
No wonder lah I'm lonely here. -,-

Nuul Nisa Nadhirahh !
Next person who is very lucky that I consider of THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN MY LIFE is
---> Nur Shahirah Laham.
Yeah, she 's fifteen also. PMR candidates. And, she's my sister "twins".
Of course lah they are twins. They grow up together, played  together, sleep together, bathing together :p
and alaways be together. But, their face not same at all. Just their behaviour is same.
She's live in Negeri Sembilan. So, me, my sis and her will only get met when we at kampung, Melaka.
Since, we are not always met, every year, my sis will take her to spend her holidays at here.(ourhome)

Nur Shahirah

<blink>Love you</blink>

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